Dionysos Objectives


Project title


Development of an economically viable process for the integrated management via utility of winemaking industry wastes; production of high added value natural products and organic fertilizer




Objective of DIONYSOS Project was the development of an economically feasible process for the integrated management of winemaking industry wastes. In Greece, the latter are mainly being discarded in the environment, constituting a major pollution problem for the wine producing regions because of their large volume and amount of natural product content. Main goal of the project concerned the development and demonstration of a high-technology process for the recovery of high added value natural polyphenols from wineries waste. These natural products are widely used as nutritional supplements or raw materials for food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical industries. The process is friendly to the environment, since only water and alcohol are used as solvents. The latter will be prepared from waste by distillation and reused by recycling. Finally, the integrated management system includes the use of the remaining slurry waste to prepare animal food of high nutritional value and/or its transformation to natural organic fertilizer by composting.